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Greetings from Afghanistan

January 1st 2014
I am deployed USAF pilot that calls Ephrata home. Today, my buddies and I were enjoying some cigars and it occurred to me that I've seen Lancaster County grown tobacco cigars before. I admit I don't smoke cigars that often, but I told my buddies I'd try to get some cigars from Lancaster County.

I received my order of John Hay Maduro Diplomat's yesterday. As expected, they are fantastic!! I admit I'm not well versed in cigars, but I found the flavor to be smooth and robust. I shared them with a couple buddies who equally enjoyed them. In fact, one of them may make an order in the near future. Attached is a picture of us enjoying them.

Thanks again,


Dear Folks:

‎September‎ ‎4‎, ‎2013
I just wanted to drop you a message about your cigars.  I was introduced to your cigars when I stopped in your store at Kitchen Kettle Village in early August.  I purchased 6 of your flavored panatela cigars and enjoyed them very much.  I just received your Black and Tan sampler today and smoked the maduro corona and it was great, I don't often smoke the stronger cigars. I prefer mild or flavored cigars.  I don't smoke a lot of premium cigars but from now on when I do they will be John Hay. Thank you for producing a great product. Regards, JE

Keep Up The Great Work!

December 2‎4‎, ‎2013

​Over Thanksgiving I was visiting family in PA and made my way to your store to pick up some of your cigars. I ended up buying a whole box of assorted Diplomats that I selected from your shelves. What wonderful cigars you guys make! I am extremely fond of your cocoa and the rum flavored smokes, as well as the natural John Hay. They burn evenly and have a nice smooth draw. On a whim I bought a few of the more unique flavors like PA Ducth Root Beer and the Cheesecake. I admit that I was skeptical of those flavors in a cigar, but to my surprise they were great too - not at all overpowering, nice aroma, and no bad after taste. I will definitely be a repeat customer when my supply runs low. Keep up the great work.

Merry Christmas to you!

​(Phoenix, Arizona)

Dear John:

September‎ ‎2‎, ‎2013
I was in your shop on Saturday and purchased 6 cigars. As an occasional cigar smoker I was looking for mild smokes. I purchased 6 PA Broadleaf cigars based on your recommendation:  3 John Hay Natural and 3 John Hay Cocoa. I smoked a John Hay Cocoa  on Saturday night sitting at our campsite in New Holland. It was delightful! Mild but flavorful from start to finish with an consistent taste right to the end.

Usually of my cigar goes into the campfire with 1/3 of it left because it becomes too acrid for my taste. I smoked this one to the very end and was tempted to light another! For the first time EVER, my wife did not keep moving her chair to stay upwind! She commented on how nice the aroma was and asked me what it was. I am embarrassed to say I am not sure!  It was marked John Hay Cocoa, but I am not sure if it was a Cocoa or a Cocoa Maduro. The Cocoas are the same color as the Naturals I purchased; can I assume they are NOT Maduros?

I normally stock up on cigars for the holidays and I want to be sure I order more of what I smoked Saturday night!  My nephews, brothers, and in-laws are in for a real treat when I bring these out at Thanksgiving . . .

​Thanks and Regards