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These Pennsylvania made cigars are named for the American diplomat and statesman, John Hay (1838-1905).  Hay was born in Salem, Indiana in 1838.  He graduated from Brown University and began practicing law in Springfield, Illinois in 1861. When Abraham Lincoln became President, he made Hay his Assistant Private Secretary.  After Lincoln's death (Hay was at his bedside when he died), Hay entered the diplomatic service. In 1870, Hay became an editorial writer for the New York Tribune. For several years he spent most of his time writing. Hay wrote a ten-volume book entitled, Abraham Lincoln: A History and several volumes of poems and essays.

In 1897, Hay was appointed United States Ambassador to Great Britain.  From 1898 until his death in 1905, he served as Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.  John Hay is best  remembered for his Open-Door Policy in China and establishing the diplomacy that prepared the way for building the Panama Canal (Hay-Pauncefote Treaty).

A letter addressed to W.W. Stewart, dated February 6, 1899, hand signed by John Hay and written on Department of State, Washington, D.C. letterhead, "begs to return his most cordial thanks" to W.W. Stewart for the box of cigars he sent him.  The letter is framed and part of the John Hay Cigar memorabilia.

W.W. Stewart, established the John Hay cigar in 1882, receiving the personal endorsement from John Hay.